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Free Windows app able to check text for plagiarism, duplicates, low-quality rewriting, restoration

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PlagiCheck is a free Windows application capable of performing extensive searches on the Internet and various databases to check the quality of text by analyzing the percentage of plagiarism, paraphrasing, and similar content. It also checks the text for spelling errors, determines readability and sentiment index. All these valuable indicators of text quality can radically change the reader’s attitude towards the content you create and positively affect the final result.

💥 A few things to keep in mind when improving text quality:
- The more sources, the better.
- When writing a highly specialized article, it is better to understand the topic.
- Get rid of common phrases.
- In each sentence, answer a specific question.

These days, well-written copy is an important indicator of quality content. It can dramatically change the way a brand is perceived, improve the quality of blog posts, or even help increase product conversions online. PlagiCheck will be useful to everyone who works with content, whether you are a student, a writer, or an SEO specialist, you will find something for yourself.

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* Supported languages: English, Deutsch, Chinese, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian
** Public sources on the Internet are used during processing (search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing, Yahoo, Qip, Nigma).
*** By using our application you agree to our privacy policy. You can get acquainted with it by clicking on the corresponding link.


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